S T A T E M E N T 

Connections and the space between are themes in my work. The tension that is created when object are close yet do not touch intrigues me. As I push tension in separation, I’m also searching for connections. In my work, lines are like characters in a play, weaving through the story, my composition.

Paper is my medium. I strive to be sensitive to it's authenticity, allowing it to become what it wants to be.


Aimée Farnet Siegel will show at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, February—May, 2019 as one of nine artists in Hinge Picture, Memory Images.

Aimée shows in New Orleans at Barrister’s Gallery. By invitation she was in several group shows including "Fivefecta" at Degas Gallery, 2017; "La Femme" curated by Don Marshall, 2016; Louisiana Contemporary at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, among others. Aimée's inclusion in the January 2018 group show at Blue Spiral Gallery is her first in North Carolina. Aimée received her BFA from Louisiana State University. Aimée is currently teaching a class she created in abstract collage at The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.

Her collectors include: Walda & Sydney Besthoff, Dathel & Tommy Coleman, Andrea Andersson & John Cable, Pia & Malcolm Ehrhardt, Jim Mounger, Barbara & Biff Motley, Robin & Bruce Crutcher and Auseklis Ozols.


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