S T A T E M E N T 

Connections and the space between are themes in my work. The tension that is created when object are close yet do not touch intrigues me. As I push tension in separation, I’m also searching for connections. In my work, lines are like characters in a play, weaving through the story, my composition.

Paper is my medium. I strive to be sensitive to it's authenticity, allowing it to become what it wants to be.


In seeing Aimee Farnet Siegel‘s (aimeefarnetsiegel.com) work, it’s not surprising she lives and works in New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz. Aimee’s exuberant nonobjective work has energy and a rhythmic movement as if mimicking the cords of jazz greats. 

Her background as a graphic designer is also clear. Aimee’s strong grid-like compositions harken back to the pages she once designed. In fact, Aimee’s process, tools and the language of her work are similar to that of her days as a graphic designer. Where Aimée wants constructed page design, she is now disassembling and reassembling it. Where she once sought order and understanding, her visual art seeks challenge and personal interpretation.

Aimée’s work will be shown early next year in conjunction with eight international artists in “Hinge Picture, Memory Images” at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. Aimée shows in New Orleans at Barrister’s Gallery, where her most recent solo show was held. Aimée shows at Spalding Nix Fine Art in Atlanta, Georgia. Earlier this year, Aimée was included in a group show at Blue Spiral Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina.

Her collectors include: Walda & Sydney Besthoff, Dathel & Tommy Coleman, Andrea Andersson & John Cable, Pia & Malcolm Ehrhardt, Jim Mounger, Barbara & Biff Motley, Robin & Bruce Crutcher and Auseklis Ozols.


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